20 yoruba powerful juju

20 popular juju in yoruba

1.Ijaya (To Frighten). A charm used in frightening an adversary or an antagonist in a place of work, school e.t.c or is there anyone you want to take advantage of that you want him/her to keep mute while you express your opinion and explore every good things to your advantage. Ijaya will do it all. it causes overwhelming fear unreasonably to human and animals.
2.Eru (Fear) if you place someone on “Eru” he or she will be afraid of you for life when around your vicinity
3.Mayehun (Refuse me not) it is used when you want a person to grant your request after a command is made) could be used in wooing a lady, request money from people, Miser, tight-fisted friend or wealthy man. There is a simple incantation that goes with some Mayehun formulas:
“In Yoruba Language; Orun Lo ngba towo omode Orun Lo ngba towo agba ” x5
Translation: “Sleep takes from the young Sleep takes from the old Part of the preparation goes thus. You put a cowry (cowrie shell) in each hand when going to sleep . The following morning it would have dropped from your hands. Pick them up and pound them (to powder) with the herbs”
4.Afose (To Speak and come to pa$$ or Speak and happen) is a quite advance form of Ase. it is usually prepared with black soap
and put inside an Animal’s horn e.g Cow’s, Antelope’s, Cow’ e.t.c
Whenever Afose is Spoken with happens immediately or later in the future depending on the potency of the charm or the nature
of the issue the Afose is addressing.
Yoruba forefathers possessed some Afose to address nature elements such as rain, fire, outbreak e.t.c and on the negative size to curse(Epe)
I personally had one that i use to stop a car from starting also have seen one that is use to dry up a very big tree in three days.
The tree was cursed with that Afose
with Afose you could place a curse on somone or any Object be it animated or Non.
5.Gbetugbetu This is more of a hypnotizing charm. The person under the spell doesn’t really know what he is doing. It is used in compelling people to do the most impossible things. Things they would naturally not do or refuse to do. It is somewhat difficult to prepare but there are some simple formulas too, however they also vary in degree of potency. The powerful ones that I know has in it as part of its ingredients the rope that a man hanged himself with. To illustrate its power I would narrate an incident that happened which was manipulated by the use of Gbetugbetu. A friend once used it to call a stubborn but pretty lady into his room. (Normally she would have shunned him right off.) When she got inside he commanded her to strip, which she instantly did, but he didn’t touch her. 3 days later the girl came to her senses, she confronted my friend and an argument broke out. It was settled but after that incident the girl avoided my friend from then onwards. Mor*l of story — You don’t play such jokes ‘cos you’ve got the power. Our forefathers used it when they were attacked by a gang of thieves; they just commanded them to fight (each other) or hand over their weapons
6.Olugbohun The “sound picker.” It is believed to be a powerful spirit that picks whatever is said and makes it happen, if not immediately very soon. (Even if u mistakenly curse your children out of frustration.) Now this is not a genie that will drop things physically in front of you, like food, wine and a flying carpet. However it will create a situation that will cause your request to be met. It is not kept in the house but far away in the bush and its consulted only once in a while.
7.Ase (To command Power and authority) it has the ability to make whatever Statement you make to come to pa$$ or happen or ability to compel anything to compel to your will which include Animated and inanimated object)

8.Aluwo (Charm to make someone fall after being hit)
9.Agbefuye (Lightening charm)
10.Olonde (Charm that makes one to lose one’s sense after being hit)
11.Gbekude (Death ceasing)
12.Afeeri (Disappearing charm)
13.Kanako (Distance shortening charm)

14.Egbe (Air flight charm without using jet, chopper or plane)
15.Amudo (Fucvking charm/Charm that can be use to fuvk, i.e with or without her approval) Remember don jazzy Eminado? was culled from Amudo.
16.Tude (Loose bondage)
17.Ewon Sanpona (Small pox handcuff)
18.Okigbe (Cutla$$ proof)
19.Ayeta (Bullet proof)
20.Isoye (Memory enhancing charm) without reading much you will pa$$

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