Going to see a marriage counselor isn’t an easy thing to do for any couple who are figuring out how to save a

marriage from divorce. There is a commonly held belief that going to marriage counseling is almost a kind of

admitting defeat in a marriage. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Marriage therapy should be a

regular part of any marriage because matrimony is something that needs to be worked on consistently in order

for a union to prosper. Just as football players need to practice in order to stay sharp, married couples need to

sustain their relationship by attending marriage counseling on a regular basis. but here is doctor kenneth who can help you to stand spiritually strong in your marriage to avoide divorce .

1) Listen to your Partner. …
2) Express your Feelings. …
3) Be Willing to Compromise. …
4) Stop Blaming the Other Person. …
5) Spend Some Time Apart if Necessary. …
6) Learn to Forgive and Forget. …
7) Find Some Common Goals

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