The Power Of “Do As I Say” Genie

Do As I Say is a powerful tool for coercive spiritual work, when you have a directive for another person and wish to let them know who is boss – you! This tool is often mixed with relationship oils to heighten control in love spells, with court case oils to control the outcome of a legal decision and with success oils make others bend to your will.
Do as i say spirituality is a ritual oil for spells that command others to listen and obey. Whether  you’re compelling a romantic partner, co-worker, or spirit, you are on luck to stumble to this post. The “Do As I Say” ritual is a powerful mojo when you wish others to obey your instructions, carry out your suggestions or change their minds to favor your plans. Have control and make others obey you. Dr Kenneth’s Do As I Say oil is a powerful compelling spiritual force in collaboration with ancient African black magic to make everything possible for you without after effect or repercussions.

Remember what we don’t understand, we call a mystery. What we understand alone, we call a revelation. We we could understand together, we call it knowledge.


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