Why we advertise Dr Kenneth, A spiritualist on Social Media

Yes! this will sound strange to anyone who grew up with a familiar belief system of Christianity,

Islam or any other colonial religions in Africa. Most middle class and upper class consider

African tradition and spirituality backward, superstitious or even evil to associate with. This is

because these religions have thought us to depend only on injections, tablets, pills and prayers to

cure diseases. It also programmed our minds to depend on government for employment immediately after

college or “wait for your time” syndrome for success Lol! Nonetheless to dismiss traditional

medicine or this pre-colonial, indigenous African philosophy as mere superstition would be

Nollywood movies, too, tend to portray traditional herbalists in a negative light; they picture

black magic which helps people with spells and charms for health, wealth and wellness as evil

that always backfires but can be controlled with a vigorous bout of Christian prayer. That is just

a mythical belief.
Just as good and evil people exist in this world so are good and evil traditional spiritualist exist.

If an evil traditional spiritualist could wreck evil and cause harm or death to humans to please

their evil clients using black magic, then a good traditional spiritualist can use the black magic

knowledge to do good, make life better and even can raise the dead.

Our ancestors were not stupid, and while it’s impossible now to know what percentage of their

“patients” recovered from their illnesses or are blessed materially due to religious consciousness

and background which makes many hide the truth of the source of their healing or success. They

resolve to go to church for their testimonies to keep up a religious appearance. The herbalists

would not have been in business for long if their remedies had been completely ineffective.

We advertise Dr Kenneth, a powerful spiritualist on social media because he believes and teaches

that everyone deserves a fair treatment when it comes to making use of what God deposited on

all of us -gifts. Many came to this world and die without this knowledge blaming God or ill luck

for their situation. As Dr Kenneth often says “what we don’t understand, we call a mystery. What

we understand alone, we call a revelation. What we could understand together, we call it

knowledge.” One couldn’t agree more because knowledge is what separate two people, making

one more superior than the other in most things. even the Bible concurs that “My people perish

because they lack knowledge.” Dr kenneth believes the world and its elites are experts in

knowledge hoarding and this was not the system of our African ancestors. he preaches freedom

to all seekers of knowledge instead of keeping only to the few; hence why we advertise him and

his services to the true seekers of the hidden knowledge of pure African Spirituality to also

partake in this light of truth.


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