African Spirituality

African spirituality is a way of life. Its beliefs cannot be separated from a person’s external
factors. Instead, the two go hand and hand and influence a person’s everyday behavior.
African spirituality does not lend itself to exclusivity in practice. In fact, this spirituality 
recognizes that all beliefs must encompass and incorporate each phase of life. That’s why this
belief isn’t separate from a person’s culture, environment, and society.
This spirituality views sicknesses as a holistic imbalance. However, it not only considers factors
inside the body. Instead, it goes beyond that and considers how sicknesses can be linked to
external factors such as spiritual ancestral curses or as it connects to ones former live on earth.

Many have wrongly judged African spirituality as voodoo and evil, this is because what we don’t understand, we call a mystery. What we understand alone, we call a revelation. We we could understand together, we call it knowledge. African Spiritual is the knowledge of our ancestors before the coming of White men traditions which was a life to the of the believer of the spirituality. African spirituality and rituals spiritually edifies the practitioner to connect to his true spirituality in order to make everything possible for him even without tampering with the individual’s religion or faith.


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