If you have ever been wondering how to attract money in your life, you’re not the only one. But did you know that inviting abundance can be as easy as raising your vibration?
Well, it is!
If you find yourself saying things like… :

“I can’t afford to do that.”

“I’m no good with money.”

“Rich people are evil.”

“Money changes people.”

“There’s not enough in the account.”

… then you are using money-repelling statements!

Each of these statements has a very negative energy to it. And you should know that your word is your command.

In addition to becoming aware of your thoughts and speech about money, how do you handle money?

Do you pay your bills gratefully for having received a service, or do you pay them resentfully?

Do you avoid paying your bills?

Do you worry about money or how to attract money?

Do you ever act miserly with your money, believing that if you give it to someone or some organization, you will not have enough for yourself?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to raise your vibration about money.

You will be thrilled with the results!

  1. Identify and eliminate any negative blocks you have about money.

Negative blocks regarding money are unnecessary and silly. Money is just a means to purchase goods and services, right?

If you feel you are unworthy of having money, take money out of the equation. Look beyond it.

Aren’t you worthy of having the things and experiences you want to buy with that money?

Aren’t you worthy of having clothes, a home, food, transportation, leisure time, and fun experiences?

Of course you are!

So next time you find yourself fretting that you can’t afford something you really want, eliminate those blocks by trying this:

Be grateful for what you have and be happy with what you have. Sure, the thing or experience you desire would be great, but you already have SO MUCH to be grateful for Your ‘desire energy’ must come from a place of gratitude – as in, “I already have so much, and I welcome (what you want) into my life to enhance it even more!”
Focus the energy of desire on WHAT you want to do with the money, not on the money itself. You never know – you might not have to spend a penny to get what you want! It could be gifted to you, or traded, or you might inherit it… again, take money out of it.
And above all, don’t ask from a place of lack, because your focus on lack lowers your vibration and brings about exactly what you’re thinking about – lack.
  1. Change your thoughts

It takes work and persistence, but in order to stop your habitual thought patterns about money, you have to be very diligent about stopping those unwanted thoughts in their tracks and immediately replacing them with thoughts that have a higher vibration.

For example, instead of thinking or saying: “I am no good with money. I spend it faster than I make it and I never have enough! I’d be so happy with an extra thousand bucks!”, replace those statements with: “I am learning to manage my money responsibly. I am flooded with abundance and I am grateful for what I have!”

Which statement is happier? Which one has a higher vibration? Go for that one, because that will be the one to attract money.

  1. Realize that money is an energy, too

In this give-and-take universe, you have to give in order to receive. You don’t have to give money, obviously, but you do have to give your time, energy, talents, wisdom, skills, empathetic ear, help…

The ideal situation is to do what you love, but if you’re not quite there yet and you are currently in a job that you don’t like, change your attitude about it.

Become grateful for what you’re learning.

Be glad that you are making a contribution (even if you feel it’s a small one). Be happy with what you have, and this happiness will broadcast out to the world and attract money (or the things you want to use the money for).

  1. Imagine the many ways you will use your money

In particular, think of how you can make the world a better place with your money. No, you don’t have to give it away.

How about using it to develop your talents and put yourself to work doing what you love – your gift to the world will be the fruits of your talents. If that means going back to school, or otherwise investing in yourself, do it!

Imagine how pleasurable it is to have money… how positive and good you feel… and infuse your imagination with plenty of positive emotions.

Money can help you develop yourself spiritually.

If you’re no longer focused on survival (for which money is almost essential in modern society), you can turn your attention to making the most of your life. Imagine yourself doing exactly that!

  1. Consult your higher self

Don’t be afraid to go within for answers! Learn how to access your angel guides and higher self. If you ask, you will be given exactly what you need, at the right time (guidance, awareness, opportunities, etc.), to help you make your dreams reality!

Remember that your money will always equal your energy. The higher your energy, the more money you will attract!

Knowing how to attract money doesn’t mean learning how to work harder, it just means raising your vibration so that you attract the means and people to make money – or even to cut out the middleman (money) and help you manifest your desires directly, without needing money!

What do you want to attract more money for?

And what’s your favorite money attracting statement?

Share it with us in a comment!


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