7 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationships

Whatever type of involvement you have, whether it be work, friendship, romantic, or family, it’s always good to look for ways to improve your relationships. You know, to check the temperature so to speak! 😉

1) Stay connected

Even if you can’t get together all of the time, it’s important to stay and feel connected to the people you’re involved with. A phone call once a week, a text once a day – any gesture that keeps the connection going and lets the other person know you care will help keep the relationship going strong.

2) Listen

Sometimes that’s all that’s needed in a relationship. Just listen. Don’t give advice or try to make someone feel better, just listen to what they have to say. I know that there are times when I just need a sounding board. The answers are already within me, and sometimes all it takes to find the answers is my friend listening to me and staying quiet while providing motions of affirmation :-).

3) Accept them for who they are

This is one of the most important things needed for a lasting relationship. I know when I was younger, I’d get involved, either romantically or platonically, and if there was something that I didn’t like, I’d think, “I can change that.” With time and experience, of course, I have learned that it’s not loving to want someone to change. We need to accept people for who they are. That doesn’t mean you need to stay in that relationship – but you do need to accept that person for who they are.

4) Express gratitude

We all like to be the source of someone’s grateful! Doesn’t it feel good to be thanked? Don’t you love it when someone says, “I appreciate you.” Return that sentiment. Tell them you’re grateful for them. Send them a ‘thank-you’ card or surprise them with a small gift. 

5) Give as much as you expect to get

This is true for friendships, romantic involvements, and work relationships. Have you ever worked with someone who always asked for favors, but when the time came that you needed something, they were unavailable? Relationships are a two-way street and can’t survive long-term when they’re out of balance.

6)  Admit when you’re wrong

My mother once told me that the key to a successful relationship is these four words: “You may be right.” This is not to say that you should stifle what you feel if you’re right, but if you’re wrong – admit it and move on.

7) Let go of resentments

Hanging onto resentments has no upside. Not only does it hurt the other person and the relationship, but really – it hurts you the most. Resentments are toxic and at the end of the day, pointless. So let go. Have a conversation about what’s bothering you and don’t hold it in.

Those are just a few tips, maybe you have some you’d like to share with us in the comments? And, the more you practice these in your current relationships, the easier it will become to naturally attract good relationships.

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