What is Spiritual Protection? Why Is Spiritual Protection Important?

Were you Aware that your Soul needs Protection? It does, and the Greater the level of Spiritual Protection for your Soul, the Greater the levels of profound Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Stronger Health and Success in all areas of your Life.

Spiritual Protection Wisdom Teachings Awaken you to the existence of destructive energies and how they constantly push to steer you away from your Highest Destiny. Dark energies exist whether you believe in them or not. Just like the many types of bacteria that live along side of us, on us and within us, whether you see them or not, they still exist. In order to Protect your Self, you must know who and what is controlling or attempting to control you. It is vital to discover the many Spiritual Protection Tools available to Protect your Self at all times from darkness. Dr. Kenneth offers Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleansing Services to quickly further your Awakening and Spiritual Protection Training to guide you.

It is each person’s Divine responsibility to wake up to the existence of dark energies and by doing so, you can Protect your Self and bolster your Spiritual Strength. Mastering the Ways of Light Activation and Spiritual Protection brings Peace, Compassion, Love, Joy, Grace, Clarity and many other Golden Virtues into your Life; helping you live your Highest Destiny. You do not have to reach EnLightenment before experiencing the Radiant expansion of your Soul. With continued growth, Awareness and Spiritual Strength, doors open every day to all the Positive Virtues of the Light. In order to have Freedom, Peace and EnLightenment in your Life. We are talking about Freedom from all negativity. Being Free from negativity is how you will achieve Pure Divine Peace and EnLightenment, which EVERYONE IS CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING!

When a person yearns to be Free, this yearning is born from deep within. This yearning is your Spirit calling out for you to “clear” your connection to Divine Source. We say “clear” your Connection to Divine Source, because you are already Connected. The reason you do not recognize your Sacred Connection is because it is clouded by darkness and negativity, which is sponsored by the Evil Forces of the Universe. An Impeccable Warrior of Light is someone who is Aware of the traps set by dark forces and how knows how to stay Free of negative cords, patterns and programming. Your internal yearning is what has led you to this point in time of reading this information so you can master techniques for re-claiming your Light Nature and living as an Impeccable Warrior of Light.

Dr. Kenneth has dedicated His Life to Humanity to bestow the Radiant Sacred Knowledge of many EnLightened Masters unto us, so ALL of us can be Free from the control of dark energies that keep people imprisoned in pain, anger, depression, guilt, arrogance, destructive behaviors, lack of Prosperity, and all forms of suffering.

KNOW THIS: Your true Divine Nature is one of Kindness, Love, Peace and Grace and your Divine right is to flourish in this Life through the Light’s Amplified Brilliance in your Mind, Body, Spirit and dwellings. All negative thoughts and actions are not your own, they are projected into your Sacred Mind, by dark, dense energy in order to lower your vibration. Knowing this and knowing how to cast out those dark voices and urges, you can break free from sinister forces that attempt to control you.

 Why Is Spiritual Protection Important? 

Spiritual Protection is absolutely vital to you if you choose to accomplish all the Great things that are part of your Highest Destiny. Your Soul Essence is Golden Light and Protecting it helps maintain Strength, Clarity, Joy and focus for completing what you came to Earth to do. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings help you to be Clearly Conscious and Aware of the many ways your precious Golden Energy is affected in the physical and Spiritual world. When our Energy is negatively effected, we lose contact with the Heavenly Energies that exist within us, such as the Golden Energies of Love, Peace, Joy, Faith, Compassion and Devotion. You do not have to accept the problems and blocks that have been on your path

Spiritual Protection helps alleviate the layers of dark energies that create mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual suffering, so that we can see, feel and hear the Golden Energy waves of Love, Harmony, Compassion, Wisdom, Patience and Golden Strength that are within us and around us. Through increased Spiritual Protection you will experience greater support in many ways.

                        Benefits of Spiritual Protection

Greater enjoyment of your Life Path with an expansion of Happiness, Serenity and Divine Peace
Higher Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Knowledge, Self-Appreciation
More Harmony in relationships, meaningful moments with others, blossoming of True Love and Friendships
Greater Peace in the home and work space environment
Increased Wisdom, Mental Clarity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Balance and Creativity
Clearer, sweeter connection with your Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors
Increased Vitality, Enthusiasm, Appreciation for Life
Faster Healing from illness, reduction in pain and pain-full situations
Greater Positive attitude and stream of Positive solutions to your challenges
Increase in “Miraculous” manifestation, synchronicity, support and Divine messages from Spirit
Decrease/elimination of fear, worry, anxiety, bad luck, negative habits, distress and imbalances
EmPowerment to take back your personal Power, Radiate your Brilliant Light and manifest abundant Support
Better rest at night and more Radiant, Vibrant Energy each day and night
Endless Victories for your Light, so you can BLOSSOM AND THRIVE in all areas of your Life

Why We Advertise Dr Kenneth?

We advertise Dr Kenneth, a powerful spiritualist because he believes and teaches that everyone deserves a fair treatment when it comes to making use of what God deposited on all of us -gifts. Many came to this world and die without this knowledge blaming God or ill luck for their situation. As Dr Kenneth often says “what we don’t understand, we call a mystery. What we understand alone, we call a revelation. What we could understand together, we call it knowledge.” One couldn’t agree more because knowledge is what separate people, even the Bible concurs that “My people perish because they lack knowledge.” Dr Kenneth believes the world and its elites are experts in knowledge hoarding, that’s why there is so much lack in this world. This was not the system of our African ancestors. Dr Kenneth, aka “Good Father” preaches freedom to all seekers of knowledge instead of keeping only to the few; hence why we advertise him and his services to the true seekers of the hidden knowledge of pure African Spirituality to also partake in this light of truth.


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