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Thoughts affect your feelings. Feelings determine your attitude and actions. In turn, what you do determines what you become or achieve over a period of time. Therefore, what you think shapes your destiny and life because thoughts influence your behavior and determine what you see as possible choices. Thoughts are powerful vibrations. They are laden with potent energy. When the power of thoughts is used properly and directed towards the goals, it can help us achieve our goals. How successful you will be in life in general or in achieving the specific goals, this will be decided by the quality of your thoughts. Your actions are driven by your thoughts, that intern inspire you to tap the resources and gain the skills to achieve goal.


Positive Communication

Right from the start of the day and till sleeping, watch your words carefully. Use only positive and optimistic words. Your expression should reflect that you are happy person who has right faith and positive beliefs. What is outside ultimately becomes reality inside. So when you used positive words, over a period of time your thoughts also become positive and powerful.

That is why we have a system of greeting each other ” good morning”, “have a great day” at the start of the day. And then we come to the end of the day, we wish “good night” and ” sweet dreams”. Of course it may vary from culture to culture, but the basic intention is same.

Not only with others, but you have to do positive self talk also. Catch yourself whenever you do negative self talk and correct it there and then.


Spirituality is a part of purity of self. It connects the soul with body and mind. The path of spirituality cleanses body, mind and soul. There is no other option for the person. Hence the thoughts also get purified in the process.


Spirituality and meditation are quite interlinked. By focusing on the Higher self or God or Creator or the higher powers you believe in, you get connected. This connection lifts your mind and soul. Automatically your thoughts are now at a much higher level then before – cleaner and more powerful.

Positive Attitude

Once we get into the cycle of negative thoughts, it becomes very difficult to emerge out of this whirlwind. A positive attitude will prevent us from the quicksand of negative thoughts such as frustration, anger, hopelessness, depression, disillusionment, or despair. A positive attitude gives us the power to move on and continue to progress successfully.


For anyone, gratitude can be a saving grace in his or her life. Even if you are going through bad times full of disappointments and setbacks, gratitude will always help you out. It will put your thoughts back in perspective and find a way to move forward. Moreover, the attitude of gratitude will invite blessing from the universe.


If you have been stuck with self damaging thoughts, then the above tips are going to be extremely helpful to you. However, do not expect miracles overnight. It will take conscious and sustained efforts to change your habits. This will take time so be patient and stay optimistic.

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