Love Spell

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–          Voodoo binding Love Spell

a voodoo binding love spell binds a couple together and immunes the relationship from divorce. its aim is to keep all outside influences including families and friends permanently away allowing the couple to enjoy the bliss of the union. all that is needed is the names of the couple, their photos and dates of birth. takes between 9 and 21 days to see full results

–          Guaranteed Love Spell

the guaranteed love spell goes a little more than the Voodoo Binding love spell and is a little more expensive. the requirements are the same: names of the parties involved, photos and dates of birth. this because necessary if one of the couple proves difficult to conquer with a standard love spell

–        Voodoo Break them-up Spell

assuming you have a family member who has fallen into the hands of no good gold digger. you feel a moral obligation to rescue him or her. this spell is just what you need. or if any opportunist has snatched your lover with a voodoo spell, then this spell becomes handy in remedying the situation in getting back what is rightfully yours.

–         Bringing back a runaway lover

has your girlfriend / boyfriend abandoned you without any rational reason: relax. Contact me, and i will bring him or her back  to you. and she or he will remain with you until  death do both of you part.

–         Voodoo Love attraction Spell / Ritual

there is that ideal man / woman that have captured your attention but seems out of reach. you explored various ways and means of reaching out to him / her to no avail. the man / woman continues to ignore your advances. i will turn around the situation for you with this voodoo love ritual. all i need is his photo, name and date of birth. and instead of your worrying about how to capture his / her heart, the opposite will become the case. your ideal man or woman will begin to chase you day and night non-stop.

–          Voodoo Divorce Spell.

is you marriage threatened by divorce? then here is your chance to stabilise and insulate your marriage from this evil cancer. all we need is the names, dates of birth and photos of the the parties involved. the divorce proceedings may have been instigated by a jealous friend or neighbour. some may even revert to black magic or implore other dubious means to achieve their aim. do not let them get away with this. if a gold digger has equally bewitched your brother or friend, it is equally your moral responsibility to dissolve this selfish union and terminate the evil design from taking root.

–          The Voodoo Doll

the voodoo doll is both a lethal weapon for love as it is for revenge. in especially difficult case, we revert to the doll to bring about the desired results. it is the ultimate weapon to subdue any man or woman and make him or her carryout our wish. we must state here however, that the voodoo doll procedure is an expensive procedure hence out of the reach of many.

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